Gather Everything

Our aggregation team monitors all the data and brings it into one app. This isn't just the protocols but everything that the provider is expected to work with. Protocols, policies, manufacturer manuals, formularies, hospital content, etc. Weaving it into one complete data set. We work directly with these organizations to streamline the flow, so providers get accurate information, faster than ever before.
Enterprise Plan
Our team works directly with your medical director's office, saving you countless hours. Graphic designers will assemble your protocols. Providers monitor any protocols/standards you choose.

Instant Answers

All the data doesn't matter if you can't get answers when you need them. In EMS, that means instantly. Muru's search does just that: the right answer to your question, no matter how you ask. That means a single answer not a list of results, different answers for EMTs vs paramedics, the final dosing not the formula, and all based on the gear/meds you carry.

Always Performs

We built cutting edge technology to make sure Muru always delivers. We invented an EMS search engine that works offline, the first of its kind. When connected, Muru automatically downloads any updates. So whether your in a basement or outside the wire, we're ready to go.
Live feedback on which providers acknowledged the updates so you can keep your entire team updated no matter their shift or location. Muru will also updates designs to any protocols.

Follow Through

Train your providers where they actually need it, not where they poorly documented. Without ever sacrificing user privacy, Muru provides intelligent insights on how providers interact with their protocols.

Example: 15% of BLS providers are confused on the differences between pediatric vs adult pandemic triage protocol.
Detailed analytics including comprehension over time and customized reports to your unique provider levels.
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