EMS Search

The fastest way to get the information you need while treating your patient.

Muru protocol search. Find any protocol by searching by name, condition, age and much more.

Protocol Finder

Find the correct protocol by searching for any condition or presenting problem. No more worrying if diabetes is covered under the AMS, hypo/hyperglycemia, or combative patient protocol.

Dosing & Med Math

See doses clearer than ever before. Doses are customized to your certification level and inventory. Where there are calculations, they are all done for you with every variable accounted for. Infusion sets, vial concentration, weight, 200 mg in 250 mL ... it's all taken care of.

Muru dosing search. Ask any question about a dose and get all of your med math done for you, instantly.

We Speak Medic

Our search understands not just medicine, but EMS. You can ask a question any way you want. Abbreviations, nicknames, it doesn't matter. This means no training in how to use Muru - just ask.

Search Everything

Everything in Muru is accessible through search, allowing you to pull up any information within seconds. This includes hospitals, equipment, medications, medical formularies ... everything! Not only that but Muru responds to you, directly answering your questions.

Offline & Fast

From the moment you log into Muru on your device, it works entirely offline. This includes the invention of the first offline EMS search engine. So weather your off grid or in a basement, we're always blazingly fast.

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