Testimonials V1
Sarah Lin
Developer at FinApp

I love SoftBit! The integration process was super simple. We use it every single day to keep track of all our daily downloads.

Josh Stevens
Founder of CourseApp

Softbit is the ultimate analytics tool for every company that's serious about maximizing their website's traffic and click-through-rate.

Andrew Young

You can tell that SoftBit is the best analytics tool after using it for a few minutes. I absolutely love the intuitive and clean dashboard.

Testimonials V2

What people say about us

Matt Chesler
Scarsdale VAC

Muru is an extremely handy tool for any practitioner. It provides ready, relevant information for protocols, dosages, and even closest appropriate facility for transport. The app also has other little bonus items such as codes to get into unfamiliar ERs, and available facilities at each location. I’ve found it invaluable and highly recommend it.

Richard Finnerty
FDNY Haz-Tac

I've been using the app for 6+ months now. This app is fantastic for quick references on protocols & closest hospitals. The app runs very smoothly & is extremely easy to navigate. Highly recommend for any EMS member. Weather you've been on for 3 months or 30 years, this is one of the easiest apps to use.

Brendan Walsh
Maimonides EMS

As an EMS provider in NYC, this app has been invaluable. It's easy to look up protocol information quickly. When giving certain medications (for sedation or pain management) it is important to be able to double check you have the right dosage and orders--this app allows that. ... I definitely think it was wise for New York State to endorse the app. Get it!!

Lt. Luke Hardcastle

Muru has been very helpful the past few weeks as a lieutenant I have to say. Information is super quick to access and now with the new protocols it's a lifesaver.

Stephen Wood
American Medical Response

I won't lie, I was initially hesitant ... as I had grown accustomed to the [2 - 3] apps I used previously ... The growing pains of switching were not bad as it is very user friendly ... Definitely a fan going forward.

Damarys Cruz
Maimonides EMS

I love this app everything we need to know or any information we need to obtain to help with our treatments or protocols are at an easy reach, very easy to use and very easy for us first responders. Amazing app to have.