Actionable Data

Train your providers where they need it, not where they forgot to document. Without ever sacrificing user privacy, Muru provides intelligent insight into how providers interact with their protocols.

The Current System

Right now we base our training on a regular scheduled review of all topics from school and errors that we find in patient care documentation. However documentation is always rushed and seen as a chore that providers have to accomplish. Using this as a source for training can only tell us the volume of a call type and documentation errors, not where providers have confusion.

Really Understand

Find the correct protocol by searching for any condition or presenting problem. No more worrying if diabetes is covered under the AMS, hypo/hyperglycemia, or combative pt protocol.

Muru protocol search. Find any protocol by searching by name, condition, age and much more.

Privacy = Trust

Providers will only use Muru to ask real questions if they know what they ask is kept private. This is why a provider's identity is never revealed. We provide you insights into the cohorts that really matter, allowing you to view providers by type (ALS vs BLS), certification (Paramedic, EMT, Flight) and many more.