We built cutting edge technology so you know when you reach for Muru, it will always get you the information you need. Whether you're in a basement or outside the wire. Whether you're stressed or on a mundane call.

Personalized to You

Every pixel of the screen is specifically customized to you. Your certification level. Your protocols and advisories. The equipment and medications you carry. We do this so you never again waste time looking at a medication that you don't carry or an intervention that is outside your scope.

We Speak Medic

Our search understands not just medicine, but EMS. You can ask a question anyway you want. Abbreviations, nicknames, it doesn't matter. This means no training in how to use Muru - just ask.

Always Current

The newest information is sent to your device immediately. We work directly with your protocol authors, hospitals, and equipment manufacturers. Rest assured that everything on Muru is the most current version.

Fully Capable Offline

From the moment you log into Muru on your device, it works entirely offline. This includes the invention of the first offline EMS search engine. So whether you're off grid or in a basement, we're always blazingly fast.

100% Verified Content

All the information in Muru is from a source you are authorized to follow. Your medical directior, your DOH, your command, your manufacturers. Content is only uploaded to Muru after it is verified. As an added check, anywhere you are in Muru, you are only ever one click away from seeing the source.

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