Having everything you need in one place is at core of what we do. This doesn't just mean your protocols but everything they refer to. All content on Muru is verified and monitored so it is accurate and always up to date.


We collect all protocols that apply to the provider knowing that many times, protocols don't come from one book/organization but several. We work directly with the authoring physicians to make sure we understand the intricacies so that our software understands the most minute details. We know that each protocol set is unique across the provider types and scenarios it covers and we make sure to capture it all.


Muru works to build out the most complete EMS picture of a hospital. From national, state and regional capabilities, to hospital details directly from the ED EMS liaison. Phone numbers call the notification line, directions are directly to the EMS bay. We also add on additional details for flight and military. Every provider get access to the full national database so as we grow all providers benefit, no matter where they mutual aid to.

Muru hospital detail page. See all of the information on a hospital, specifically designed for EMS.
Muru equipment and medication app pages. View the medication formulary from your protocols and the manufacturer recommendations on your equipment.


We load all your equipment manufacturer's recommendations and guidelines into your app. We understand there's a difference between a generation 3 and 7 piece of equipment and make sure to have the right one loaded. If there's a change, we'll monitor that as well and keep your providers updated. As you change equipment, simply update your inventory in your app and we'll take care of the rest.


Get the full view of a medication. We pull together your formulary, doses across all protocols, the concentration you carry, related medications, and reversal agents. All customized to the inventory at your agency and on your rig.

Muru medication page. See the medication in incredible detail including concentration, formulary information and everywhere the med is used across your protocols.


We supply you with the contact information that you need when in the field. From state, regional and local points of contact. From medical control to the medical examiner we work directly with your agency and DOH to make sure all the points of contact and there and current.

Official Content Only

All the information in Muru is from a source you are authorized to follow. Your medical director, your DOH, your command, your manufacturers. Content is only uploaded to Muru after it is verified. As an added check, anywhere you are in Muru, you are only ever one click away from seeing the source.

Always Current

The newest information is sent to your device immediately. We work directly with your protocol authors, hospitals, and equipment manufacturers. Rest assured that everything on Muru is the most current version.

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Muru protocol search. Find any protocol by searching by name, condition, age and much more.