Our Mission

Software for modern medicine

In the modern world of medicine, a clinician knows the best treatment decisions aren’t made in isolation. They pull information from a slew of sources and apply them to the patient and the issue they’re currently presented with. These sources include: treatment standards from the leading national organizations in the specialty, manufacturer recommendations, hospital polices and so on. It takes significant time to comb through all of these sources and create a single, actionable treatment plan. This challenge is especially felt by paramedics as they face a wide range of medical conditions, all time critical and with extremely limited medical personnel.

Paramedics, Physicians and Nurses need a solution. At Muru, we’ve pulled from our own medical experience and have created software that understands how all this data comes together in helping form the treatment plan. We’ve created software for the clinician’s phone that provides them any information they need. Within 15 seconds they go from opening our app to putting their phone back in their pocket. This is important because we know what every clinician knows, the more time you have to focus on your patient, the better the care they receive.

We also know that operationally, it would be a tall order to structure and update all the content we would need to power such a product. That’s why we’ve created a platform for the authors of all this content. It’s the first of its kind and provides enormous value. By creating this end to end ecosystem, everybody wins: the healthcare industry, the hospital system, the individual clinician and the patient.

Our Story

After ten years as a paramedic and officer, Steven Blocker was frustrated by the scattered information he needed in order to deliver high quality patient care. He started writing his own notes, laminating reference pages to mount on the ambulance and making quick calculation cards for paramedics to carry with them, knowing there must be a better way to solve this. As he looked around for solutions, he realized that the fragmented information was a problem not just in EMS, but the entire healthcare industry. He built Muru with a vision for a global platform to break down the healthcare silos, and at the same time, give direct and straightforward answers for clinicians working in real time.

Our Team

We are a diverse group of paramedics, engineers, and designers who want to save lives through better healthcare technology. During their first week of work, every Muru team member rides along on an ambulance to experience the environment that medics work in. We believe in bringing experts together face to face so they can really understand the problem, and we frequently have our team members testing the software next to medics on real calls.

We thoroughly select each team member for their experience, drive, and resilience. Since we are building mission critical software, we have only the highest standards for our product. Our company believes in the motto from emergency services, that “slow is smooth and smooth is fast.” We work diligently to get it right the first time and deliver the product that we want to use in the field ourselves.

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