Focus on the patient, we’ve got the rest

Muru’s cutting edge technology removes all the second guessing, references, and calculations you have to do. We understand who you are and what you need. Giving you the right answer, fast.

Feature 1

Personalized to you

Muru is customized to you. Your certification level. The equipment and medications you carry. Your patient. Knowing this, we show you only the information you need and nothing you don’t.

Feature 2

Always offline.
Always fast.

Muru works entirely offline. Regardless of your connection, it's always blazingly fast.

Feature 3

We speak medicine

We developed a natural language search engine that understands not just medicine but EMS. You can ask a question anyway you want and we’ll understand. Abbreviations, nicknames, it doesn’t matter. This means no training in how to use Muru - just ask us.

Feature 4

Always Current

The newest information is sent to your phone immediately. You’ll always know that Muru is using the latest edition of your protocol, guidelines, etc.

Feature 5

Your Sources

All the information in Muru is from a source you are authorized to follow. Your medical director, your DOH, your officer, your manufacturer’s recommendations. You can see the source of any result with a single tap.


Be on the cutting edge

Whether it’s just for you or your agency, you can be up and running on Muru today. We will always deliver you our best product with cutting edge features and technology.

Account Type


All functionality customized to your primary agency and your certification level. Get all the information you need and nothing you don’t.

$8 USD$0 USDPer monthGet Started freeFree during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Fully functional: dosing, med math, inventory, and transport decisions
  • Your protocols, equipment, medications
  • All hospitals for your region
  • Offline functionality
Account Type


Give your providers the tools for the highest standards of care. Organizations get all of the individual benefits along with the ability to manage equipment and users at your agency.

$8 USD$0 USDPer user / per monthGet Started freeFree during COVID-19 pandemic
  • All the features available to an individual user, plus:
  • Control who can access Muru at your agency
  • Centrally manage your equipment and medications
  • Add and remove users at any time