Your all-in-one COVID-19 assistant

You’ve got New York’s back, we’ve got yours. Muru turns your phone into your personal EMS assistant. Ready 24/7 to help you take on COVID-19.

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Corona Protocols
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Feature 1

Live Notifications

Protocols and advisories are changing rapidly. We'll keep you informed of the most critical changes so you don't need to dig through emails and chat groups.

Feature 2

All your Protocols

The protocols that are relevant to you, and none that aren’t. From local, state and federal, we monitor all your protocols to make sure you are always working from the latest version.

Feature 3


Muru has all the ambulance receiving hospitals. See the closest hospitals with the right capability, even if they were just built yesterday. From the closest trauma 1 to the nearest field hospital.

Feature 4


Pull up any of your manufacturer guidelines in seconds, from your PPE to the new ventilator. You can do a deep dive into your devices. In a single view you can see every dose where your cardiac monitor is used to defibrilate, pace or cardiovert.

Other Features

The tools you need

Built by medics, for medics, Muru delivers you the right tools you need during a call. Intuitive, blazingly fast, and built for the mission critical work you do.


Get any information you need on a dose. Find out how many times you can repeat your dose, if it’s a medical control order, or its contraindications.

Med Math

All your med math done for you with every variable accounted for. Infusion sets, concentrations, weight, 200 mg in 250 ml - it’s all taken care of.

Transport Decisions

No second-guessing transport decisions or arguments about if a hospital recently lost its STEMI certification. Know where the closest specialty hospital is and how much farther it is than your closest hospital.

Equipment & Meds

Dive into everything you carry on your ambulance. Know why the auto compressor is beeping twice, if you have to double or single thread your tourniquet, or everywhere ketamine is used in your protocols.

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Why we did this

Want to learn more?

We’ve written a blog post that goes in depth on why we made this decision, what’s been changing in the field and how we’re handling it in the app.

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