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Research & Development Associate

Help medics get the information they need downrange and back at home.

Treating a patient in the field is hard enough. Despite medics having multiple resources, they’re so inaccessible that they’re never used. At Muru, we take all of the information a medic could need and deliver it to them on any device, accurately, in any environment and incredibly fast.

As a fellow in research and development, you’ll learn how to use your medical knowledge to work with Muru’s software engineers to build a full application. This includes: databases, servers and mobile applications. Being able to look at medical care, understand what a computer needs and provide that structure both for now and planning out the future roadmap requires both short and long term critical thinking. The current R&D team is comprised of paramedics who make sure you have the in house training you need to get the most out of the fellowship and be a contributing member of this cutting-edge team.


  • Complete onboarding in software engineering and project management.

  • Provide your medical expertise to help engineers understand complicated medical subject matter

  • Break down medical data to a high degree of granularity and input it into database

  • Plan long term strategy for future features and coordinate with engineering team to know budget and resources to execute these goals

  • Contribute to test driven development. Ensuring each, “build” functions as intended.

  • Complete coursework throughout the fellowship in software engineering


  • Desire to work in a fast paced, determined, results oriented company culture

  • Paramedic or higher (NREMT, State Certified)

  • ACLS, PALS, BCLS, and NAEMT Certifications Preferred

  • Work as part of a collaborative team

  • Self-manage time, prioritize responsibilities, provide realistic projections to time needed to complete work

  • Write reports, work in excel and make presentations on work done

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