COVID-19 Response: Muru is free

Steven Blocker April 07, 2020

A Letter to All EMS: We are making Muru free to support you during COVID-19

To My Fellow EMTs and Paramedics,

My name is Steven Blocker. I am a paramedic, ex EMS Chief and CEO of Muru. After over twelve years on the ambulance, I wanted to create an app for EMS to keep all our content and protocols in one place. I know Muru can help EMS at this critical time and so we will be waiving our monthly subscription fee through at least June. Here are some of the ways we can help you during COVID-19:

  • Access to all of your protocols (local, county, state and federal)
  • Find the closest capability-specific hospitals
  • Pull up manufacturer guidelines on any ventilator you carry
  • Get live notifications when any of this information changes
  • Search across everything to find what you need, fast

Why we are releasing Muru for free

Muru was built to get you the information you need when treating a patient from dosing calculations to finding the closest hyperbaric chamber. We always knew that a major part of this vision was making sure that we had the current version of all the different documents that applied to you. With the COVID-19 pandemic there is an even greater need for such a solution. We are now seeing daily changes in protocols and hospital capabilities that used to happen just a few times a year. We even did an analysis on it. Solving this problem is one of the core things we do.

Though our original plan in New York was to slowly grow from county to county, we know now that is not fast enough. Our software allows the state, a hospital or an equipment manufacturer to immediately reach those who need it. So, our team has been working tirelessly to launch statewide.

We decided to wave our pricing because we know the logistical sluggishness of agency purchases and frankly, we don’t have the time to wait and neither do all the people you serve.

Our plan for the next few months

As of April 7th, we will release Muru for free. An individual provider simply needs to go to our website and sign up. We are not collecting any credit card information. For those who already purchased Muru, these months will be free for you as well. As of now, the app will remain free through June, and we may extend it even farther based on the state of the pandemic. A month before we end the free period, we will notify everyone using Muru and they will be given an option to purchase our software or continue using a simpler version of the software. It’s important to us that we are very transparent with you in our plans, and we want to work together with you to make Muru as useful as possible to you and your agency.

We have already uploaded several of the protocol sets in New York and are continuously adding more. We plan to expand to other states outside of New York as well, based on the number of people on our waiting list and the needs of the area. In order to get the information out as soon as possible the initial app may be released in some areas without the medmath feature. Here is our schedule for New York:

  • Nassau County - April 8th - Full app
  • New York City

    • April 8th - App
    • Late April - Med Math
  • New York State - April 15th - Full app
  • Suffolk County

    • April 10th - App
    • Early May - Med Math

If you click our sign-up button now, we will take your email address and we’ll email you when we launch in your county.

I hope that Muru makes your shifts a little bit easier. Thank you for your service.

Steven Blocker

CEO, Muru

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